Holiday Fees

Normally  Holidays weekly run from Sat – Sat   and weekends Fri – Monday.

However we are willing to use days that you prefer.

Primarily we ask you to leave by 10.30 am this is to give us time to get the home ready for the next Holiday makers.   Hopefully it will be ready by 12.30 pm.
You can come early and start fishing before we have it ready for you.  Also on your leave day, you may carry on for the rest of the day after you have vacated the home.

When you arrive we will provide you with coffee, tea and milk for that much needed cuppa! (we are nice like that!)

Weekends  or Short Breaks.   3 Nights
This is inclusive for 4 people

Weekly 7 Nights
£350.00  also inclusive for 4 People.

Please feel free to call Gilly to check dates

Also bear in mind we have a small deposit to guarantee your booking.  £25.00
If you cancel this is unrefundable,  however if you adjust your dates it will still count as a deposit.
Lets face it, we do need to be able to adapt for you and bear in mind our costs for cleaning and making it welcoming for you.

You may also use the ‘outside tin shed’ to store equipment if you so wish.  We can give you a padlock to secure it if you like.
You may also bring your Bivvy to keep up and save your favourite spot if you wish to.

We have made many friends during their holidays and we look forward to meeting more.
Take care on your journey and please call me if you are running late because of traffic and other nasties along the way.