For The Discerning Angler and avid looker for a peaceful day out and holiday.
This is more than our business, this is our home too.

We are called Gilly and Ian,
We bought this site 2007,  so we could retire  and enjoy the peace and quiet……
Guess what?    It never happened!
We had a massive event on our old property and as a result,  Retiring was not an option.

We had a lot of work to do, the land was very overgrown and we could not even see what we owned.

It took us the best part of 2 weeks to mow it down with industrial cutters, and the land and lake was a mess.

It did take a lot of time and also the locals were asking us “When will you open?”

We had to learn the business the hard way and as luck would have it, the amazing locals decided to help. We are so grateful for that!

All the rubbish dumped in the lake and buried on the land had to be sorted and with help we got it done.

We have worked hard to keep it good and clean and take care of it the best way we can find.


We are working on rebuilding this website so please be patient.